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What are guests are saying....

​“Day at the Beach”

"Great fun for all ages. Rides, cotton candy, ice cream. Sylvan Beach has it all plus swimming and music too. The night life is just as much fun as the day time"

- Peter M., Utica, NY


"A Blast From The Past ! ★★★★★"

Big doings at Historic Sylvan Beach Amusement Park. New purchaser pouring a fortune into a major multi -year restoration and expansion program which started in the spring of 07. Very retro flavor a real Coney Island/ Wild Wood boardwalk feeling lots of neon, great victorian and art deco architecture, very colorful. Beautiful sand beach, inspirational sunsets, great food and night life. A very family oriented park. Fun for all ages and we highly recommend it. Near Syracuse N.Y. Just off I 90 or I 81. on beautiful Oneida Lake.

                                                                                                                                                        - Jim H.,Oswego, NY

“Totally worth a trip to the beach!”

"The amusement park here continues to fix itself up and offer new and fun things to do. There are a lot of new rides and the setting cannot be beat. We go regularly and there really is something here for everyone. Particularly recommended is the Halloween event--very professional and lots of laughs for any age. Also interesting to the park historian; the dark ride in particular is a museum piece that will bring back a lot of memories for anyone over 50."

- Manlius, NY


​“The Small Coney Island”

"I live just 6 miles from Sylvan Beach Amusement Park and have been going there since I was a small child when my parents took me, so it holds a special place in my heart with many great memories. Over the years more rides have been added which is great but the price per ride is a bit extreme. If you have children, definitely buy them a bracelet so they can ride all they want for one price. (Beware bumper boats are NOT included in this price). My favorite 2 rides there are the TIPTOP and the Galaxy Rollercoaster (although small is fun!). The Scrambler is also fun, especially if a lot of you are riding! We laugh and laugh! Then nearby you have some great restaurants like Yesterday's Royal (home made ice cream), Crazy Clam and Canalview Cafe. Try not to think about the price and just enjoy. That is what Life is about!"

- Verona, NY


To the Editor:

I just want to say how great Halloweekends at Sylvan Beach are. (The event is scheduled to end Saturday).

There haven’t been many people there and this is their first year. It would be great if more people went because the quality is great, from the “zombies” wandering the park and interacting with the guests, to the haunted house and the Laff- Land ride. I go to many haunted houses and hayrides, and this was very entertaining. This event has tremendous potential, and could become a Syracuse-area tradition for years to come. If you had in the paper some reviews every year of all the great Halloween attractions in the area, I can only imagine interest would grow, as well as expectations, and things could only get better. One great thing at Sylvan Beach is the “Thriller” dance. The Michael Jackson song was playing in the background. I wasn’t thinking much of it, then all at once, the “zombies” stopped what they were doing, got into formation and did the dance, as seen in the video — a very cool surprise.

                                                                                                                                                - Hugh Brown, Dewitt, NY


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