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Summer Findings-


As the summer tours come to an end, I would like to recap some

of the significant events of the season. During tours on July 25th,

August 1st, August 9th and August 29th, participants witnessed

coins and pieces of wood fly through the air or heard coins hitting

the floor. Hours of follow up investigations were conducted which

included leaving recording devices in the area however very little

evidence was developed. On top of the coin noises during the

August 9th tour, I observed a dark in color object fall from the air

hockey table. It appeared to be a container full of coins but when it

hit the floor I only heard what sounded like one coin. By the time that

I had moved to the air hockey table with my video camera, no container

or coins were found.

The next day I described what I had observed to some old timers on the parks staff. They explained that years ago the owner of the arcade use to collect the coins from the machines with a canvas bag with a metal coil to provide support and hold the bag in an open position. One of them retrieved a similar bag from storage and it was exactly what I had seen fall from the air hockey table.

I continued the investigation by interviewing a former owner of the park, Pat. Pat confirmed that the arcade was one of the oldest buildings in the park and that he had purchased the arcade from the widow of the former owner, Bill. Bill had grown up in the arcade and had inherited it from his father. Pat had known Bill for a few years before his passing and stated he was very particular when it came to money. He would not allow anyone to handle his money which included the collection of coins from the arcade. Pat confirmed that Bill regularly used the canvas bag, which I had observed, to collect the coins.

So Jack, Abby, little girl, Scotty and all CasperCops, I would like to introduce you to Bill. On the above dates Bill came to collect, the park was very busy throughout the day. It seems he comes by when there is a need to collect the coins.

What we observed on the above dates is referred to as Poltergeist Activity. Now, don’t go running scared. The definition of Poltergeist is simply a ghost or spirit that manifests its presence by noise, knocking, movement of objects, etc. There is no mention of evil or malicious behavior.


Tickets are available to purchase on site only. 

Any questions (315) 762-5212

ARCADE where most of the activity

took place this summer

CANVAS BAG used years ago to collect coins from the Arcade by previous owner, Bill

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