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National Dance Day!

National Dance Day, a grassroots movement taking place on Saturday, July 25 th that encourages the people of this nation to get up and move. Created by Nigel Lythgoe, executive producer and co-creator of the hit FOX series SO YOU THINK YOU CAN DANCE and founder of the Dizzy Feet Foundation, the aim of National Dance Day is to promote health and self-esteem through the art form of dance.


Sylvan Beach has been recognized by the Dizzy Feet Foundation as a National Dance Day Location.  Between now and July 57th, supporters are asked to visit our Web Site and watch the three dance instruction videos.  


One of the three videos is labeled everybody dance and it is taught and demonstrated by Adam Shankman and Nigel Lygthgoe. This routine 

is designed to get everyone of every ability up and dancing.  At 2:30 and again at 4pm the music will blare out of the ticket booth and all will be 

encouraged to join in the dance mob on Main Street!  There are two other videos with corresponding times on them as well offering a Dance Mob scene every half hour from 2 pm to 430.  


One of the other videos is choreographed and demonstrated by our very own Nicole Cotton-Shantel.  Nicole teaches all forms of dance at several 

different dance studios here in Central New York.  As a graduate for the University of Buffalo, this local Canastota dancer started her dance career dancing on Carnival Cruise Ship.  Nicole says she is excited to be a part of a local effort to support the art of dance.


Sylvan Beach Amusement Park will also offer 3 dance scholarships to local dancers who enter at the park on National Dance Day.  Dance scholarships will be awarded to students who submit a form available at the Sylvan Beach Gift Shop.  They will be presented directly after the last Dance Mob.

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